We take a business first approach to security by utilizing a process to identify, detect, protect, respond and recover from a cyber attack. Today, we cannot guarantee 100% protection from an attack, incident or breach, but we CAN guarantee that together, we can align business technology to security standards to attain near perfect protection and recovery capabilities. We work with your senior management, legal department and functional area teams and to provide an audit of your risks, security gaps and current response plan as part of our cyber security services.

Mitigating Risk

The amount of data businesses collect and store today grows exponentially by the day. As a result, your private business information, confidential agreements, personnel data, and customer data are accumulating and at risk of phishing, viruses, and the growing prevalence of hacking through organised crime syndicates.

Trust us; you don’t want that stuff getting out. It can cause catastrophic consequences to once-successful and profitable businesses. Let us help you lock it down.

Protecting You and Your Business

As part of our strategic planning, we will collaborate with your teams to identify vulnerabilities and create a proactive, tactical plan that is in compliance with best practices. We will work with your management team to establish a response plan to mitigate risks and business interruption should an incident occur.

From the cloud to premises-based options, we implement and maintain impenetrable security-hardened networks for your business so you can rest easy and kick your business goals with confidence.


Experience Ultimate Threat Protection With Unify One’s Managed Firewall Security Services

Port Blocking &
Traffic Redirection

We’ll identify red flags and block or redirect peer to peer traffic—you decide.

Application Blocking
& Policing

You’ll get uncompromised peer to peer application tracking and blocking around the clock.


We’ll identify and block unsuitable web content as specified by you, so your users are protected.
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Intrusion Detection
& Analysis

We’ll actively monitor and analyse suspicious activity and traffic on your network, protecting you from malware and intrusion.


Bugs, viruses and phishing stopped dead with our advanced security systems.
DDOS Attack
Prevention & Monitoring
We’ll protect and lock down your local LAN in the event of a DDOS attack.

Our Security Partners

Together with
trusted partners.

Together with trusted partners you’ll experience a water-tight, secure and holistic setup so you can conduct your business online with utmost peace of mind.

Got concerns about your organisation’s data and internet security?

Our premium support associates are ready and primed to assist. We’ll even be there if your business’ security is ever compromised, so your valuable company data is kept locked safely away—any time of day (or night). And if you just want to understand Firewall Security a bit more—we’re here for that too.

It’s what we do at Unify One. We’ll be your personal Firewall Security Company.

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