Dark Web Monitoring Services 

Data Protection

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats. Our cutting-edge technology alerts you as soon as your employee or customer emails and passwords are compromised and put up for sale on the dark web.

Real-Time Data Monitoring

Unlock the power of real-time data insights. Our comprehensive analysis and validation process scans the dark web for your company’s sensitive information, including usernames, emails, passwords, breach event details, and the exact locations where the data was found. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions to strengthen your security measures, such as implementing multifactor authentication (MFA) and security awareness training.

Instant Deployment

Time is of the essence. Our user-friendly platform and intuitive dashboard allow you to take immediate action and monitor activity across your entire organisation. With instant deployment, you can swiftly protect your valuable assets and safeguard your business.

Expert Tech Support

Access the best minds in the industry. Our dedicated team of technology and security experts is ready to assist your organisation. Forget about ordinary customer service reps, as we provide superior support with quick response times. Count on us to help you mitigate risks and navigate the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

Dark Web Monitoring Benefits

Secure Your Accounts and Protect Your Business

Enhance the security of your clients’ and employees’ accounts by proactively notifying them of any potential data breaches. Safeguard against compromised credentials and strengthen password policies and authentication methods to minimize risks.

Safeguard Against Fraud and Crisis

A data breach can have devastating consequences for your entire business if your employees’ credentials are compromised. Stay one step ahead by monitoring your company’s and vendors’ domain names. With instant notifications and breach reports, your IT team can swiftly take action to protect your business.

Implement Robust Security Measures and Conduct Forensic Investigations

Recovering from data breaches can be a lengthy and challenging process. Take control of the situation with dark web scanning, allowing you to identify and address security risks. Our team at UnifyOne provides the necessary expertise to build effective security controls and offer assistance in preventing future incidents.

Compromised Credentials on the Dark Web

If leaked or compromised employee data is available for sale on the dark web, malicious individuals can exploit your organisation in numerous ways.
A few examples of how these bad actors utilise corporate data:
– They can send spam emails from compromised accounts, spreading malicious content.
– Websites can be defaced, and harmful content can be hosted on them.
– Malware can be installed on compromised systems, putting your organisation’s security at risk.
– By using the same credentials, these individuals can compromise and gain access to other accounts.
– Sensitive data can be exfiltrated, resulting in a data breach.
– Identity theft can occur, leading to devastating consequences.
– Ransomware can be installed, causing financial and operational harm.
– Access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be gained and utilised for malicious purposes.
These are just a few examples of the countless ways in which bad actors can exploit your organisation through compromised corporate credentials. However, at Unify One, we specialize in protecting your organisation and its valuable data from the dark web.

Experience Ultimate Threat Protection With Unify One’s Managed Firewall Security Services

Port Blocking &
Traffic Redirection

We’ll identify red flags and block or redirect peer to peer traffic—you decide.

Application Blocking
& Policing

You’ll get uncompromised peer to peer application tracking and blocking around the clock.


We’ll identify and block unsuitable web content as specified by you, so your users are protected.
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Intrusion Detection
& Analysis

We’ll actively monitor and analyse suspicious activity and traffic on your network, protecting you from malware and intrusion.


Bugs, viruses and phishing stopped dead with our advanced security systems.
DDOS Attack
Prevention & Monitoring
We’ll protect and lock down your local LAN in the event of a DDOS attack.

Our Security Partners

Together with
trusted partners.

Together with trusted partners you’ll experience a water-tight, secure and holistic setup so you can conduct your business online with utmost peace of mind.

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