Our disk encryption and protection services deter unauthorised access to data, devices, and networks. In the event of a lost or stolen device, you can rest assured that only those with access to decode and decrypt your data are able to do so. Specifically, the following are features of our disk encryption and protection services: 24/7/365 protection of data wherever you go. Automatically encrypts and decrypts your files. Consistent security, even in cloud services such as DropBox and OneDrive. Easy to use, background encryption. Edit and share files normally. Streamlined collaboration and sharing, decryption or password creation is a one-click process. Data is useless and unreadable if a device is lost or stolen. Seamless integration with iOS and Android mobile devices. Proof of compliance reporting for covered entities.


Enhanced Security

Protect your essential corporate data and credentials from data breaches or theft with our cutting-edge disk encryption. Our solution ensures the safety of your business, employees, and clients even in the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen device.

Compliance Made Easy

As a healthcare provider or business associate (BA) bound to Privacy regulations, encryption may be a requirement. Our disk encryption mitigates the risks of unauthorised access to patient health information (PHI), ensuring compliance with industry standards. Additionally, other regulatory bodies and laws also emphasise the need for disk encryption. For example, as a covered financial services company, our solution guarantees proof of compliance regarding disk encryption.

User-Friendly Experience

Experience seamless integration with our user-friendly disk encryption system that requires no learning curve or downtime for your employees. By implementing background encryption, we streamline productivity while maintaining utmost security. Rest assured, your organisation will always be audit-ready.


Disk Encryption Protection

With our robust disk encryption and protection services, your business, clients, and data are safeguarded in the face of unexpected device loss or theft. Our solution not only ensures compliance but also provides peace of mind for surprise audits. Encryption is a powerful tool that fortifies your overall IT security, protecting your valuable data.

Experience Ultimate Threat Protection With Unify One’s Managed Firewall Security Services

Port Blocking &
Traffic Redirection

We’ll identify red flags and block or redirect peer to peer traffic—you decide.

Application Blocking
& Policing

You’ll get uncompromised peer to peer application tracking and blocking around the clock.


We’ll identify and block unsuitable web content as specified by you, so your users are protected.
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Intrusion Detection
& Analysis

We’ll actively monitor and analyse suspicious activity and traffic on your network, protecting you from malware and intrusion.


Bugs, viruses and phishing stopped dead with our advanced security systems.
DDOS Attack
Prevention & Monitoring
We’ll protect and lock down your local LAN in the event of a DDOS attack.

Our Security Partners

Together with
trusted partners.

Together with trusted partners you’ll experience a water-tight, secure and holistic setup so you can conduct your business online with utmost peace of mind.

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