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In this era of rapidly advancing technology, we find ourselves relying on more and more devices, services, and applications. However, this increased dependency poses a significant security challenge – the risk of lost or stolen credentials. Cybersecurity incidents often occur due to compromised login information. The more devices, services, and applications we use, the higher the chances of our credentials being compromised.

Fortunately, there are solutions like 2FA (two-factor authentication) and MFA (multi-factor authentication) that address this risk head-on. These innovative security measures ensure the protection of our digital services, devices, and networks by requiring multiple layers of authentication.

For example, when accessing services like OneDrive or Dropbox, a simple username and password combination may not be enough for secure access. With 2FA, you need to possess something additional, like access to your email account or a connected mobile device, to verify your identity. This adds an extra level of security beyond just a password.

Moreover, 2FA falls under the broader category of MFA solutions, which require additional identification factors such as passwords, codes, or even biometric data. By incorporating multiple identification methods, MFA further fortifies the protection of your data.

While this may add a bit of complexity to the authentication process, it is undoubtedly the most crucial security measure to prevent unauthorised access to your accounts, networks, and devices.

Embracing 2FA and MFA is not just a recommendation – it is a necessity in the face of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. Safeguard your valuable information by implementing these powerful authentication methods today.

Protect Your Business

O2FA and MFA add extra layers of security to your network and increases your control over your data. Implementing 2FA and MFA solutions significantly reduce the vulnerabilities that arise due to lost, stolen, or weak passwords. As more data breaches occur, the more important this becomes. Especially if your employees reuse passwords or if strong password policies are not enforced.

Implement and maximise Multi-Factor Authentication Security

Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to access, steal, and sell corporate data online. As a result, any form of 2FA or MFA is better than single-factor authentication.2FA and MFA solutions heighten the security around your devices, users, applications, services, and data. When used in combination with strong password policies and management, it helps your organisation minimise vulnerabilities and risks that threaten your business operations. UnifyOne enables businesses to leverage their technology to better serve their security. Our security experts help you determine which 2FA and MFA solutions to use, as well as help you implement, support, and enforce them.

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Port Blocking &
Traffic Redirection

We’ll identify red flags and block or redirect peer to peer traffic—you decide.

Application Blocking
& Policing

You’ll get uncompromised peer to peer application tracking and blocking around the clock.


We’ll identify and block unsuitable web content as specified by you, so your users are protected.
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Intrusion Detection
& Analysis

We’ll actively monitor and analyse suspicious activity and traffic on your network, protecting you from malware and intrusion.


Bugs, viruses and phishing stopped dead with our advanced security systems.
DDOS Attack
Prevention & Monitoring
We’ll protect and lock down your local LAN in the event of a DDOS attack.

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Together with trusted partners you’ll experience a water-tight, secure and holistic setup so you can conduct your business online with utmost peace of mind.

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