Vulnerability & Compliance Scanning Features

Comprehensive Assessment

Our vulnerability and compliance scanning solution actively monitors your network to provide comprehensive visibility and deliver in-depth insights into your attack surface. From your on-premise infrastructure to your public cloud, we identify and address vulnerabilities so you can stay secure.

Automated Prioritisation

Once we scan your network and systems, our advanced solutions offer critical prioritisation insights, allowing you to tackle the most crucial issues first. By leveraging vulnerability data, threat intelligence, and data science, we pinpoint the vulnerabilities that have the greatest impact on your organisation.

Active Asset Tracking

Our solutions excel at actively tracking assets and their vulnerabilities with utmost precision. Whether it’s mobile devices, virtual machines, or cloud instances, we have you covered, even with highly dynamic assets.

Passive Network Monitoring

With our 24/7 network traffic monitoring, we detect and assess short-lived systems and hard-to-scan devices, including sensitive OT and IoT devices.

Automated Cloud Visibility

Through seamless integration with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform connectors, our solutions deliver continuous visibility, assessments, and insights into your public cloud environments.

Vulnerability & Compliance Scanning Benefits

Identify and Resolve What Matters

Experience the benefits of clear, highly actionable, and user-friendly dashboards, along with essential automated prioritisation insights. This enables your team to focus on vulnerabilities that have the highest impact and greatest likelihood of occurring.

Enhance Performance and Productivity

Accelerate the completion time for security risk assessments and other critical activities. Quickly identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, unlike other solutions. Our security analysts can perform initial assessments in less than 5 minutes.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Our solution offers a greater vulnerability assessment coverage compared to other providers. It combines over 109,000 plugins across various applications and operating systems.

Vulnerability and Compliance Management

With our vulnerability and compliance scanning solutions, your organisation can reduce the number of immediate attention vulnerabilities by an impressive 97%. This allows you to effectively manage your time and enhance productivity within the organisation.

Vulnerability and Compliance Remediation

With modern technology, it has gotten easier and easier to identify vulnerabilities with automated tools, scans, and assessments. However, remediation is still a time-consuming manual task. In most cases, your IT team’s time is centered around strategic, proactive activities, which is why we provide remediation assistance for those who lack the time or resources it takes to mitigate complex vulnerabilities.  

Experience Ultimate Threat Protection With Unify One’s Managed Firewall Security Services

Port Blocking &
Traffic Redirection

We’ll identify red flags and block or redirect peer to peer traffic—you decide.

Application Blocking
& Policing

You’ll get uncompromised peer to peer application tracking and blocking around the clock.


We’ll identify and block unsuitable web content as specified by you, so your users are protected.
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Intrusion Detection
& Analysis

We’ll actively monitor and analyse suspicious activity and traffic on your network, protecting you from malware and intrusion.


Bugs, viruses and phishing stopped dead with our advanced security systems.
DDOS Attack
Prevention & Monitoring
We’ll protect and lock down your local LAN in the event of a DDOS attack.

Our Security Partners

Together with
trusted partners.

Together with trusted partners you’ll experience a water-tight, secure and holistic setup so you can conduct your business online with utmost peace of mind.

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